Unlike the typical commercial healthcare, we focus on making acupressure more accessible and affordable for people from all sections of the society. Through the prevalence of acupressure, this would also emerge as a major field for research and education and would also open several career possibilities for the future generations. Saraswati Foundation for Education and Research also teaches anyone and everyone who may be interested in learning this science. We have also been conducting free treatment of children below 14 years of age.


The Saraswati Foundation for Education and Health Research was established in the year 2016 by Dushyant Khatri, Gulabchand Khatri, Hemlata Khatri and Nandini Mantri

with an aim to re-introduce acupressure as a form of healthcare that is meant for and successfully treats people from all types of age groups and lifestyles and helps them get over their health concerns by granting immediate relief.

By making their services more accessible, they wish to go back to their roots and make acupressure a part of people’s lifestyle as it was in ancient India.

Acupressure Therapy has existed in Bharat for over five thousand years. The Buddhist Ascetics, Sages and travellers carried it to China and Japan. In China, Japan and Korea, Acupressure and Acupuncture therapies were given official sanction. These therapies were also given official recognition as standard forms of therapy.

Through Saraswati Foundation, the founders wish that India rediscovers this treasured scientific art and starts giving it the respect and recognition that it deserves.


Based out of Ajmer, Dushyant Khatri has been actively working with people from all around the country and providing his healing services to the poor and the needy.

He has been a professional acupressure therapist for over a decade and has worked with over 7000 patients in his career. Having worked on several ailments and diseases, Dushyant Khatri is known for his spot-on diagnosis and his ability to grant instant relief to his patients.

He has successfully been a part of over 12 certified healthcare camps where all his acupressure treatments were carried out free of cost. He has managed to create awareness about the ancient art of acupressure pan Rajasthan and has now endeavoured to make it a pan India healthcare choice for the masses.

The efforts of the co-founder has not just touched the urban setting of the country but has also reached the secluded rural parts through their healthcare camps. He, along with other co-founders have dedicated several decades of their lives in spreading awareness and educating people on how acupressure has the ability to cure faster and better depending upon what one is suffering from. He emphasises on the fact that Acupressure is essentially a method of sending a signal to the to turn on its own self-healing or regulatory mechanisms.

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