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Acupressure Therapy has existed in Bharat for over five thousand years. The Buddhist Ascetics, Sages and travellers carried it to China and Japan. In China, Japan and Korea, Acupressure and Acupuncture therapies were given official sanction. These therapies were also given official recognition as standard forms of therapy.

- It studies the vibrations concentrated in the various points of the energy flow and the vibrations that activate the cells in respective organs. When a specific point is pressed, the disease associated with the specific organ is diagnosed.

- The Acupressure points corresponding to a specific organ are pressed and the associated organ is stimulated. Through activation of a point, the obstacles in the flow of energy are overcome.

- This method generates chetana in the organ, which increases the ability of the organ and thereby eliminates obstacles through the proper functioning of that organ. Indian acupressure Therapy is not only a means to cure physical ailments but is a science which understands the importance of chetana-shakti (Sentient energy) in human life, and teaches what individuals should do every moment of their lives to keep chetana-shakti functioning smoothly. Understanding this science and trying to put it into practice is itself ‘sadhana (Spiritual practice)’.

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Unlike the typical commercial healthcare, we focus on making acupressure more accessible and affordable for people from all sections of the society. Through the prevalence of acupressure, this would also emerge as a major field for research and education and would also open several career possibilities for the future generations. Saraswati Foundation for Education and Research also teaches anyone and everyone who may be interested in learning this science. We have also been conducting free treatment of children below 14 years of age.

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